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Grey & Erick | Wedding

March 23, 2017  •  1 Comment

Last Friday, I was delighted to document Grey and Erick's sweet, multicultural wedding at All Saints Chapel in downtown Raleigh. The ceremony was entirely in Spanish with an interpreter translating to English. Their wedding was all about family togetherness. They made their grand entrance after the ceremony to the Star Wars theme song with their bridal party holding lightsabers in the air. There were so many personal touches at Grey & Erick's wedding. Their dog Chico was the ring bearer, and he did a great job with his task! I love it when couples make the wedding day their own. Congratulations Grey and Erick! 



Erica Greenwold Reisen(non-registered)
AHHH Their dog is wearing a top hat! SO CUTE! Lovely wedding and photos!
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