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Nadia & Tim | Wedding

February 28, 2017  •  3 Comments

Nadia and Tim were married in Jamaica at the Sandals Ochi Resort last week after a 16-year journey that led to that moment. She's from England and he's from South Africa. They moved to the United States as children in the late 1990s, just like me! As I mentioned in a previous blog post, they were high school sweethearts, but life took them their separate ways. After reconnecting, they decided it was time to finally tie the knot as they always knew they would. This couple is one of the coolest you'll ever meet. They are so chill, and they're also fantastic hosts. Their friends and family were in attendance from England, Dubai, South Africa, Michigan, and North Carolina. It was a beautiful celebration of so many cultures! Nadia and Tim's wedding day began with a French breakfast and a dip in the pool with their parents. The reception ended with Nadia playing drums with the Reggae band and Tim cheering her on as she played. Afterwards, we all changed into comfortable clothes and lounged by the pool, which was illuminated by a fire pit while sipping champagne into the late hours of the night. These sweethearts are now enjoying their honeymoon on the resort and already planning another Caribbean vacation later this year. Congratulation Nadia and Tim! 


Elle Crook
These are so so beautiful! Destination Wedding for the win!
Claire Wilson(non-registered)
Beautiful photos for a beautiful day. They brought back memories that I had already forgotten like the wedding beach car and Nadia playing the steel drums. All captured wonderfully.
Amanda Clarke(non-registered)
Beautiful pictures, captured the day perfectly! Such a magical day x
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