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Nicole and Jae were married at Nicole's parents' home in Raleigh earlier this month. Backyard weddings are always a delight for me. Nicole and Jae are such joyful people, and I also enjoyed working with their families. Throughout the day, there were so many genuine belly laughs and happy tears. The ceremony was officiated by Nicole's brother. Their friends and family flew from all over the country to participate in this special day. The evening ended with us replicating Da Vinci's The Last Super with a Harry Potter and Star Wars twist. I had so much fun photographing this wedding. Congratulations, Nicole and Jae!



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Alyssa & Britt | Wedding

Alyssa and Britt were married two weeks ago at The Rickhouse in Durham. On move-in day of their Freshman year at Elon University, Britt was walking down the sidewalk as Alyssa was moving into her dorm, and he stopped to help her. They were friends throughout college as they pursued their degrees in education, and just after graduating, they decided to start dating. Their wedding was absolutely amazing. Both of their families love to dance, and it was so much fun to photograph them on the dance floor. I'm so glad I got to work with these two because they are really awesome people. Congratulations, Alyssa and Britt!

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Kerry & Justin | Wedding

Kerry and Justin were married in June at The Farm at 42 in Selma, NC. When Kerry and I were teenagers, we spent many sleepy mornings on the school bus together, and I never dreamed that I would one day photograph her wedding. Kerry and Justin's families traveled from all over the US and internationally to watch these two tie the knot. Their family and friends, many of whom were moved to tears during the ceremony, gave several heartfelt speeches throughout the day's celebrations. During the reception, everyone went to the dance floor, including Justin's sweet grandmother. It was such a joyful day! After the wedding, they headed to Jamaica for their honeymoon, and I hope they had a blast. Congratulations, Kerry and Justin!

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Ana & Jonathan | Wedding

Ana and Jonathan were married in downtown Apex in June. Their bridal party was made up of their children and Ana's mom and brother came all the way from London to walk her down the aisle. Ana and Jonathan had their first look in the Starbucks where they went to their first date. The ceremony was at the Halle Arts Center, and after a champagne toast, everyone headed to The Provincial for dinner. It was such a beautiful day. Congratulations, Ana and Jonathan!

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Shannon & Kevin | Wedding

Shannon and Kevin were married at the Mayton Inn in May. Kevin had just graduated from the Duke School of Medicine a week before this beautiful day, so these two had a lot to celebrate! Their wedding was very much centered around family. Shannon and Kevin have a daughter named Olivia who was front and center at this celebration. Their reception was full of beautiful traditions and dancing. Congratulations Shannon and Kevin!

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Marissa & Michael | Wedding

Marissa and Michael were married at All Saints Chapel in downtown Raleigh. Their wedding included a truly incredible dance party complete with glow sticks and everything! I loved how vibrant everyone was and really appreciated how much they all loved dancing. It made for a really fun time. Also, their wedding had some seriously funny, and heartfelt speeches. These two have some amazing close friends and family. Congratulation, Marissa and Michael!

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Lourdes & Mike | Wedding

Lourdes and Mike were married at Sacred Heart Cathedral. Between them, they have eight children and all of their kids participated by being in the bridal party. Lourdes's entire family made the trip from Miami for this special day. The reception was held at The Cotton Room followed by an afterparty at The Bridge Club. This crowd was all about the dancing! It was totally contagious, and even I was dancing by the end of the evening. I hope that this wonderful couple is enjoying a fantastic honeymoon in Italy. Congratulations, Lourdes and Mike!

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Elizabeth & David | Wedding

Elizabeth and David were married on Cinco de Mayo at The Chapel Hill Carriage House. Their wedding was absolutely fantastic. Their family and friends came from all over the globe to celebrate this special day. My favorite part of photographing weddings at this magnificent venue is the petting zoo where they keep goats and alpacas. They are adorable! Elizabeth's dad brought two of his vintage cars for the bride and groom's exit after running through the sparklers. They headed to Little Rock, Arkansas for their honeymoon, and I hope they are having a blast. Congratulations, Elizabeth and David!

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Johanna & Tyler | Wedding

Johanna and Tyler were married on a private property owned by his family in Mann's Harbor at the end of April. It was a beautiful, intimate ceremony officiated by one of their best friends. Johanna was channeling ancient Greek Goddesses with her fantastic crown. The decor was almost single handedly the work of Tyler's mom who lives on the property. It was such a perfect day with perfect scenery, and the weather could not have been better. The food was homemade on the spot by a pitmaster. I feel like I have known Johanna and Tyler forever. They treat me like I'm part of their group of friends, and it's absolutely awesome because their friends are really freaking cool. I wish these two the best. Congratulations, Johanna and Tyler!

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Rachel & Luke | Wedding

Rachel and Luke were married last Friday at All Saints Chapel. From there, we headed over to the beautiful Rand-Bryan House for the reception. Rachel spent two years living in Namibia, so she and all her bridesmaids wore handmade Namibian bracelets. There were many, many Star Wars references on Rachel and Luke's special day, which was pretty freaking cool. During the reception Rachel's brothers and cousin did an incredible lip sync performance to Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody that received a standing ovation from everyone present. I felt privileged to be part of this special day with so many kind, caring folks who traveled from all over to celebrate. These two are in lovely Lisbon for their honeymoon and I hope they are enjoying my home city. Rachel and Luke, May the 4th be with you!




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Leslie & Kevin | Wedding

Leslie and Kevin were married last weekend at The Oaks at Salem. This wedding was so perfect I don't even know where to begin. I'm so glad that over the past year, I have gotten to know Leslie and Kevin because they are such a kind, down-to-earth couple. Their day was a joy to photograph. Leslie wore the pearls that her father gave to her mother on their wedding day and her veil and comb were made from her mother's veil. During their ceremony, Leslie's cousin, who is an opera singer, performed a beautiful acapella piece. They also had live music by several fantastic musicians during the reception. They are going on their honeymoon later this year, and they are planning to visit my home city! I wish these two all the best. Congratulations, Leslie and Kevin! 

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Johanna & Tyler | Engagement

Johanna and Tyler will be married on Saturday at the Outer Banks. These two recently bought a house in Durham, so for their engagement session we went to the Durham Central Park and then to their favorite brewery, The Glass Jug. I'm pretty sure we laughed through the entire session. Johanna and Tyler are so much fun, and I can't wait to document their special day!

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Maddie & Nick | Wedding

Maddie and Nick were married last weekend at The Pavilions at Angus Barn. Maddie and I attended Peace College together, and there were so many of our classmates included in this special day, that it was almost like a reunion. I absolutely loved every second of it. Maddie's grandmother, to whom the family refers as Omi, flew here from Germany to watch her granddaughter walk down the aisle. The Breakfast Club, which is an 80s covers band, played at the reception, and the guests really enjoyed the vibes on the dance floor. Maddie is one of the most easygoing people I have ever met, and it was a joy to document her marriage to Nick. These two went to San Diego to enjoy their honeymoon, and I hope that they had a fantastic time. Congratulations, you guys!

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Melissa & Corey | Wedding

Melissa and Corey were married on Saint Patrick's Day at William Peace University. There was so much laughter throughout the day, and it was absolutely contagious. It's always a pleasure when I get to work at my alma mater, WPU, and also working with other Peace alums. Melissa and her dad had the best father-daughter dance I have ever seen, which earned them a standing ovation from the guests. Since Corey and his mom could not have their own dance, Corey read her a beautiful letter he wrote thanking her for her unconditional love, and there wasn't a dry eye in sight. Once the cake was cut, the dance floor was open and nearly every guest participated. This beautiful pair started off my wedding season in the best way possible, and I can only hope that the rest of my weddings are as amazing as this one. Congratulations, Melissa and Corey!

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Melvin & Jeffrey | Anniversary Session

These guys just celebrated one year together, and as part of the celebration, they booked an anniversary session with me and a trip to the mountains of NC. I had so much fun walking around the North Carolina Museum of Art with these guys and even got to watch them practice a little Capoeira, which is a Brazilian style of martial arts. Congratulations on this milestone, Melvin and Jeffrey! 

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Revolutionary Love | Styled Shoot

My friend Erica of Folie a Deux Events had a phenomenal idea of pairing two revolutionary figures into a styled shoot. She chose Frida Kahlo and Joe Strummer who influenced the world during different time periods with their art and music. Chrissie and Chris who are a real totally in love couple getting married this fall posed for us as Frida and Joe. This was one of my favorite shoots. Everything came together beautifully and every member of the team was a joy to work with on this collaboration. Please check out all these amazing creatives listed at the end of the post.


Venue: The Meadows at Firefly Farm Preserve, Raleigh, NC

Concept & Coordination by Folie à Deux Events 
Floral Design & Decor by Hana Lee
Stationery Suite by Revelry + Heart 
Cake Design by Sugar Euphoria 
Hand-dyed Ribbons by Hana Lee & RIVTAK
Vintage Knit Throws provided by The Local Vernacular
Tabletop Place Settings from American Party Rentals 
Hair Styling by A Shear Perfection Salon
Makeup by Devon Drugan | Instagram 
Gowns sourced from Rent The Runway  
Chrissie’s Blue Gown was designed by Badgley Mischka 
Chrissie’s White Gown was designed by Alexis  

Photography by Ana Teresa 
Additional Hanging Greenery & Branch Installations by Natya Regensberger at The Meadows

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Lindsay & Rachel | Sweetheart Session

It's no secret how much I love the fact that many of my couples come back after their wedding for more portraits. I photographed Lindsay and Rachel's downtown Raleigh, brunch wedding in 2016, and at the end of 2017, I had the pleasure of doing a sweetheart session for them. These ladies are so much fun. They are getting ready to go on an adventure to India, where Rachel was born, and I cannot wait to see all the photos from their travels! 

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Martha | Bridal Portraits

I'm excited to finally show Martha's bridal portraits. Two years ago, I had the pleasure of doing the same for her sister. For Martha's portraits, we went to Horseshoe Farm Nature Preserve. It's a beautiful park near where we both live. Getting to take bridal portraits before the wedding day is always awesome because I get to spend time with my clients one-on-one in beautiful, serene settings like this! I've known Martha since she was in middle school, and it was a pleasure to be part of her story by documenting her marriage to Ben after eight years together. 

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Erica & Tim | Engagement

Erica and Tim wanted to go on an adventure to the North Carolina Art Museum. They prefaced our meeting by explaining that they'd never had their photos taken professionally before, but they were complete naturals in front of my lens. That's in addition to the fact that they look like they could be models. By the end of our session, it felt as if we were old friends. I had a blast doing their engagement session. Congratulations, Erica and Tim! 

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Martha & Ben | Wedding

Martha and Ben were married at 214 Martin Street on Thanksgiving weekend after waiting over eight years to tie the knot! These two are so sweet. Three years ago, I photographed Martha's sister's wedding, and the warmth with which I was greeted when I arrived at the venue was incredibly heartwarming. I feel like I'm part of the Ervin family! Ben majored in Music Composition, and he actually wrote all the music for their ceremony, which was absolutely phenomenal. Martha wore her paternal grandmother's pearl bracelet and carried a brooch in her bouquet to honor her maternal grandmother, both of whom are no longer with us. This brunch wedding featured a coffee bar and delicious breakfast food enjoyed by all. My favorite part was taking Martha and Ben all around our historic City Market streets to capture their formal portraits. Congratulations, Martha and Ben! 


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Kathy & Will | Wedding

Kathy and Will were married earlier this month at the Chapel of the Cross in Chapel Hill. Kathy had a series of mementos with her from family members such as her grandfather's jacket and grandmother's bible. The buttons from her mother's wedding dress were sown onto Kathy's bouquet by Steph, Kathy's younger sister, who donned their mother's dress at her wedding. It's really fantastic that part of that dress was once again used in such a special way. Kathy and Will are such an amazing couple, and I had a blast working with them and their sweet families. Congratulations, Kathy and Will! 

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Sierra & Brett | Wedding

Sierra and Brett had a gorgeous wedding at the Leslie Alford Mims House. It was really special getting to capture this day where so many of my Peace College sisters were present. Sierra and Brett waited seven years for this day, and it was absolute perfection! Brett's reaction upon seeing Sierra walk down the isle was priceless. It was difficult even for me to keep my eyes dry. At the reception, their guests couldn't wait to get on the dance floor, and it was beautiful to see Sierra dancing in the middle of all her Peace Sisters and close friends. The camaraderie between these women was truly heartwarming. I loved the personal touch of having homemade spicy salsa as a gift for guests to take home. After their special day, Sierra and Brett drove to Washington D.C. and then to Martha's Vineyard for their honeymoon, and I know they had a fantastic time. Congratulations, Sierra and Brett!  

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Rachel & Alexander | Wedding

Rachel and Alex were married in Wilmington last week in an intimate ceremony overlooking the river with their closest family and friends present. Their multicultural ceremony was officiated by one of their best friends who witnessed their relationship from the very beginning. The ceremony included Jewish and Colombian traditions such as the Hakafot, which is the circling of the groom and Las Arras, which is a tradition where the groom hands several coins to the bride as a symbol that what's his is also now hers. The ceremony ended with the breaking of the glass in remembrance of the suffering endured by Jewish people over the centuries, followed by the guests all shouting in unison "Mazel tov!" Rachel and Alex built the Chuppah under which they were married from recycled materials, and Rachel also made her own veil. This brunch wedding ended with most of the guests heading the beach to catch some waves. Congratulations, Rachel and Alex!


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Lanisa & Bryan | Wedding

Lanisa and Bryan were married at Bass Lake last week and it was such a joy-filled day! These two haven't lived in North Carolina for very long, so their families came all over the country to attend this beautiful wedding. Lanisa is the baby of her family with three older siblings who gushed over their little sister and told hilarious stories about their family. Bryan had an absolutely amazing dance with his mom, which received a standing ovation from the guests. In general, this couple is all about dancing, and it was so much fun to capture their joy. The night ended with yours truly dropping her car keys inside her camera bag, which was then in turn locked inside the trunk of her car, but Lanisa's kind uncle from Ohio saved the night, as he happens to be a locksmith. That was a fun, new experience for me at a wedding, lol! This wedding was a blast, and I'm so glad that these two chose me to document their special day. Congratulations, Lanisa and Bryan! 

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Amy & Julie | Wedding

Amy and Julie had a beautiful ceremony in their backyard surrounded by their four children and close family members. Amy's sister sang as Amy and Julie descended the stairs with their children into the yard. Their ceremony incorporated traditions from several cultures including some storytelling accompanied by a djembe drum, handfasting, and finally jumping over a broom. After the ceremony, everyone migrated over to Beer & Wine 101 in Wake Forest to enjoy Fuzzy's Empanadas, drinks, and lots of dancing. Amy and Julie went to Beer & Wine 101 on their first date, and the owner told them that his establishment would always be a safe place for them. The ladies knew that they couldn't have their reception anywhere else. When the reception started, Amy surprised Julie by serenading her accompanied by the guitar. Everyone danced the night away, and afterwards, Amy and Julie went on a familymoon with their children to the Caribbean. Congratulations, Amy and Julie!


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Christina & Brian | Wedding

Christina and Brian are such a joyful pair, and it is totally obvious just looking at their wedding photos. They seem to spend all their time together laughing, which in turn spreads to everyone around them. It's truly a beautiful thing! Brian had Christina's engagement ring made into a wedding band, and their wedding day was the first time that she saw her new ring transformed. After the wedding, these two went on a cruise to Mexico, and I hope that they had a blast. Congratulations, Christina and Brian.

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Vanessa & John | Wedding

Vanessa and John were married last week at Het Lanhuis. This couple is so full of joy, and you'll see exactly what I mean in their photos. Vanessa comes from a big, Italian family who made me feel like one of their own. Vanessa and John's families are tight-knit and a lot of fun. She was the fourth generation of brides to wear a brooch passed down through the women of John's family. Her grandmother and grandfather (nonna & nonno), who moved from Naples to New York in the 1960s, have been married 55 years. Now that's #relationshipgoals right there. This heartfelt celebration truly touched me, and I was so honored to be there to document such a beautiful union. Congratulations, Vanessa and John! 


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Moni & Jack | Wedding

Moni and Jack met in college at NC State. Their wedding took place at a little castle in Asheville (who knew we had a castle in NC?), called Homewood. It was such a dreamy wedding! Their wedding included a tea ceremony to honor their parents and a hand-tying ceremony where all their family members walked up to the couple and tied strings around their wrists. After dinner, the party really got started, and this group was eager to get on the dance floor! Moni and Jack's wedding was a blast, and that fact was very obvious by looking at the joyful crowd that danced around them late into the night. Congratulations, you guys! 

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Alec & Andrew | Wedding

Alec and Andrew started my fall wedding season with a bang! These two are the epitome of tenderness and sweetness with one another. Andrew and Alec met at NC State, and Andrew proposed while the two of them were camping in a remote area after hiking for a couple of days. Their multicultural, outdoor wedding was attended by friends and family from all over the country. Alec's earrings were made by her coworker, the bouquets were made by her bridesmaids and her aunt, her hair and makeup were done by a friend. The personal touches of all their loved ones made this wedding super special. Andrew wore a Barong, which is a traditional dress shirt from the Philippines. This was such a fun group and I was overjoyed to work with them. They truly made me feel like I was part of the family. It was also wonderful getting to work with lovely Erica from Folie a Deux Events because she makes the wedding day run so smoothly. All in all, I could not have asked for a better start to the fall wedding season. Congratulations, Alec and Andrew!

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Shannon & Kevin | Engagement

I met Shannon and Kevin at the Mayton Inn, in Cary, earlier this Spring, and had such a fantastic time talking with them at the consultation that it truly felt as if we were already friends. The Mayton Inn happens to be their wedding venue, and it is absolutely gorgeous. For their engagement session, we met in downtown Raleigh and walked to some of my favorite spots to get these lovely sunset shots. We never ran out of conversation. These two are so much fun, and I can't wait for their wedding next Spring. Congratulations on your engagement, Shannon and Kevin! 

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Katelyn & Jon | Maternity

One of my favorite aspects of being a photographer is the connections and friendships I get to make with my couples, many of who I have the privilege of photographing again long after their wedding day. I had the pleasure of capturing Katelyn and Jon's wedding in Boone last year, and this year, I had a fantastic time reconnecting with them during their maternity session. Their baby girl will be making her debut any day now. I can't wait to meet little Ella! Congrats, Katelyn & Jon!

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Botanical Wedding Inspiration | Styled Shoot

Last month, I had the opportunity to participate in this fantastic styled shoot, which was organized by Secularly Wed. The mastermind behind this concept was my good friend Erica of Folie à Deux Events. We all had so much fun working together, and you can see all the vendors listed at the end of this post. The flowers by Hana Lee were locally sourced, bee-friendly, and organic with local, handcrafted all-natural ribbons. Caroline from The Prettiest Pieces provided us with beautiful setups and tablescapes using her vintage rentals and decor. Ashley and Nick, who modeled for us, decided to renew their vows during our shoot, and I'm pretty sure every single one of us cried a little bit. They are such an awesome couple who are super involved in the local community. All of our models for this shoot are involved with a local theatre initiative called The Women's Theatre Festival. Every single creative who helped make this styled shoot come together was an important part of the puzzle, and I am so thankful I had the opportunity to photograph something so beautiful. Please take a few moments to check out their websites or social media accounts, which are listed at the end of the blog post. These folks deserve a lot of love for creating such an amazing experience!


Organized by: Secularly Wed | Instagram | Facebook

Planning & Design: Folie à Deux Events | Instagram Facebook

Planning Asssitant: Freeman's Creative | Instagram Facebook

Photography: Ana Teresa Galizes  | Instagram | Facebook

Venue: McDonald Artisan Farm | Instagram Facebook

Florals: Hana Lee / lee attracting birds and bees | Instagram Facebook

Decor and Furniture Rentals - The Prettiest Pieces | Instagram Facebook

Photobooth: Lil Photo Bus Co. | Instagram Facebook

Makeup: Devon Drugan | Instagram Facebook

Wedding Gown designed by: Leanne Marshall | Instagram | Facebook

Wedding Gown supplied by: Gilded Bridal | Instagram | Facebook

Stationery: Red Clay Paper | Instagram | Facebook

Cake: Once in a Blue Moon Bakery | Instagram | Facebook

Rings: Mary John Ventre  | Instagram | Facebook

Bridesmaid's Dresses designed by: Jenny Yoo | Instagram | Facebook

Bridesmaid's Dresses supplied by: Bella Bridesmaids | Instagram | Facebook

Featured Cocktail: Durham Distillery | Instagram | Facebook

Models: Ashley & Nick Popio, Amani Mackenzie, & Lorelei Lemon

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Chrissie & Chris | Engagement

Chrissie and Chris met and were good friends while attending high school in Seven Springs, NC, but after graduating, they went their separate ways. Two years ago, they reconnected, which prompted Chris to move across the country to be with Chrissie. Chrissie has a twin sister named Couka, whose engagement session you'll see here soon! On Chrissie and Couka's 28th birthday, both of their boyfriends decided to propose. James organized a surprise engagement party for Couka in NC, while Chris whisked Chrissie away to New York City where he proposed to her at a rooftop restaurant. The twins were engaged at the same time on their birthday! Chrissie and Chris both love to travel and play music. The guitar that Chrissie was playing during our session is her "lucky guitar," which she used to win a music contest at school when she was 12-years-old. Almost everyone in her family is a musician. I had such a fantastic time with these two, and I cannot wait to work with them again. Congratulations on your engagement, Chrissie and Chris! 

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Leslie & Kevin | Engagement

Leslie and Kevin are such a sweet couple! I had the opportunity to work with them, and their dog, Lily, a couple of weeks ago for their engagement photos. Leslie is a teacher at the elementary school that I attended after moving to the US. I thought that was such a cool point of connection! I am really looking forward to this couple's wedding next spring, and am delighted that I get to photograph Leslie even before then to do her bridal portraits. Congratulation on your engagement, Leslie and Kevin! 

(Ana Teresa) bride d810 engagement galizes nikon raleigh wedding Wed, 26 Jul 2017 16:40:43 GMT
Jennifer & Jay | Wedding

Jennifer and Jay were married at Caffe Luna last week. These two were such a joy to photograph. Their ceremony was officiated by Reverend Lynch with the assistance of his daughter, our former Attorney General, Loretta Lynch. The bride and groom got ready together at Marriott City Center with their closest family members. Their wedding was intimate and absolutely perfect! Congratulations Jennifer and Jay! 

(Ana Teresa) bride d810 engagement galizes nikon raleigh wedding Mon, 24 Jul 2017 14:09:34 GMT
Hasiel & Ricardo | Wedding

Hasiel and Ricardo eloped on a sunny Friday afternoon at Lake Johnson in July. Only their closest friends and their daughters were in attendance. It was a beautiful mix of cultures from several countries. Afterwards, they slipped away to a restaurant to celebrate in style! Congratulations, Hasiel and Ricardo!

(Ana Teresa) Thu, 13 Jul 2017 19:15:00 GMT
Alyssa & Britt | Engagement

I had so much fun photographing Alyssa and Britt a few weeks ago. We walked around Durham's Central Park and also the American Tobacco Campus joking and laughing throughout the session. Alyssa and Britt are both teachers, and in addition to that, Britt is also a baseball coach at his school. Since their wedding is going to be in Durham, they wanted to have their engagement photos near the venue. Their downtown Durham wedding next summer is going to be a blast, and i can't wait!

(Ana Teresa) bride d810 engagement galizes nikon raleigh wedding Wed, 12 Jul 2017 17:33:34 GMT
Lanisa & Bryan | Engagement

Lanisa and Bryan's engagement session involved a lot of laughter from beginning to end. These two are so playful and full of joy. They had me laughing until my stomach hurt! I enjoyed getting to know more about them, their recent trip to the Philippines, and their move to North Carolina. I am confident that their wedding is going to be a blast, and I can't wait to work with them this fall on their special day!



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Elizabeth & David | Engagement

Elizabeth and David are getting married at one of my favorite venues next fall. Recently, I had the honor of taking their engagement photos at J.C. Raulston Arboretum in downtown Raleigh, and we had a really fun time walking around and chatting. I can't wait to photograph their wedding at the Chapel Hill Carriage House next year! Congratulations on your engagement, Elizabeth and David! 

(Ana Teresa) D810 Engagement Galizes Nikon Raleigh bride Thu, 15 Jun 2017 14:00:25 GMT
Gracie & Chris | Wedding

Gracie and Chris had an intimate, brunch wedding at Caffe Luna in downtown Raleigh. Everything about their special day was so sweet. After the reception, we went to the State Capitol for some more photos. Gracie and Chris are such incredibly joyful, kind people, and I had a great time working with them. I wish them all the best, and hope they had a fantastic time honeymooning in Florida. Congratulations, you guys! 

(Ana Teresa) D810 Engagement Galizes Nikon Raleigh Wedding bride Fri, 09 Jun 2017 15:25:26 GMT
Aimee & Sara | Wedding

Aimee and Sara were married at Doyle's Vineyard, one of my favorite venues, over Memorial Weekend. It was a joy to work with these ladies and their loving families. Sara made wooden flower bouquets for Aimee and the bridesmaids as well as wooden boutonnieres for the gentlemen. Talk about talent! Aimee and her sister surprised their parents by having them dance their "first dance" during the reception because when their parents were married 36 years ago, they did not have a first dance. I'm pretty sure there wasn't a dry eye in the room. Also, Aimee and Sara had first dances with their fathers AND their mothers, which I thought was a beautiful gesture on their part. These lovely ladies are headed to Ireland for their honeymoon, and I hope that they have a fantastic time. Congratulations, Aimee and Sara! 

(Ana Teresa) D810 Galizes Nikon Raleigh Wedding bride Wed, 07 Jun 2017 17:46:19 GMT
Kris & Diego | Wedding

Kris and Diego has a sweet, intimate wedding in downtown Raleigh last week with only their closest family members in attendance. After their ceremony, we walked around Nash Square and also took a stroll for several blocks, so I could capture their fun, playful personalities. These two would not stop joking with each other. As we started to take the couple's portraits, I asked Kris if she had a bouquet, after letting me know that she did not, her dad went and found a magnolia for her to hold in the photos! These two have absolutely amazing families. I was so honored to have been chosen to document their elopement. I hope that Kris and Diego are having a blast on their honeymoon in Denver, Colorado. Congratulations, you guys! 

(Ana Teresa) D810 Engagement Galizes Nikon Raleigh Wedding bride elopement Fri, 26 May 2017 18:28:25 GMT
Kathleen & Jason | Wedding

Kathleen and Jason had an intimate ceremony at the J.C. Raulston Arboretum, attended only by their closest family members. After the ceremony, we went to Morning Times, where these two had their first date, and we followed that up with a little walk around downtown to get some fun photos. Their reception was held at David's Dumplings where they even had their own personalized chopsticks for the guests to use. I got to live vicariously through their photos as they honeymooned in Japan shortly after the wedding. I am wishing this lovely couple the best! 

(Ana Teresa) D810 Galizes Nikon Raleigh Wedding bride Fri, 19 May 2017 19:37:33 GMT
Erin & Chris | Wedding

Erin and Chris were married last month at Compass Rose Brewery in Raleigh. Their main concern was that all their friends and family have a great time while enjoying craft beer. This is definitely my kind of couple! Their concern that friends and family have an awesome time and enjoy a lively party was touching. They chose to have their first look at Fallon Park, and it was absolutely stunning. Erin's sisters and sister-in-law were her bridesmaids, and they helped keep the day running smoothly. Erin and Chris are such a cool couple, and I was so honored to document their wedding day. Congratulations, you guys! 


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Sam & Kyle | Wedding

Sam and Kyle were high school sweethearts, and even went to prom together. However, after graduating, they went their separate ways and reconnected some time later. That was nearly a decade ago, and they've been inseparable ever since. On her wedding day, Sam wore her late grandmother's jewelry, which she'd been keeping safe for years just for this occasion. Sam's bouquet was made from a collection of brooches, each belonging to family members. Their ceremony was at William Peace University, formerly Peace College, were Sam and I attended school for our undergraduate degrees. In 2010, she sat in the pews of Dinwiddie Chapel with Kyle by her side during the transfer student orientation, and she told him that that was where she wanted to get married. All these years later, she fulfilled the wish of getting married at her alma mater. Congratulations, Sam and Kyle!

(Ana Teresa) D810 Galizes Nikon Raleigh Wedding bride Thu, 20 Apr 2017 18:36:48 GMT
Amy & Julie | Sweetheart Session

This session was one of my all-time favorites! Amy and Julie were recommended to me by one of my photography mentors, and I am so glad to have the opportunity to work with this lovely couple. After taking photos for a bout fifteen minutes, everyone agreed that we should take a break to drink a beer. Every time I get together with these ladies, we have a great time talking. Amy plays in a band, so music was a big part of this sweetheart session. During the second half of the session, Amy mostly just serenaded Julie, even making up her own lyrics to go along with some well known tunes. I am really looking forward to working with them again this fall.